Smoking Cessation

Smoking CessationSmoking harms every part of your body and affects nearly every aspect of your health and well-being. Unfortunately, many of the side-effects of smoking are long-lasting and even permanent, but the good news is, as soon as you quit smoking, many aspects of your health, life, and well-being begins to improve.

The physicians at Arlington Physicians Network can help you succeed by offering the following:

  • Prescriptions that can help you quit and manage cravings or to help manage your mood
  • Advice and support for making better lifestyle choices
  • Helping you become more active to focus your energy
  • Providing tips and tricks to get started and stay smoke-free
  • Provide management of the chronic disease caused by or made worse by smoking

Smoking doesn’t only affect your body, it affects those around you – the people you love and see every day. It even affects your DNA – and the damage can be passed along to your children.

It’s hard, but it’s worth it – make the choice today to kick the habit and live a better, longer life. Learn how Arlington Physicians Network can help you quit today.

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